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Niche Websites - Make Money Blogging: Sign up for Affiliate Programs
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Make Money Blogging: Sign up for Affiliate Programs

Niche Websites

The basic idea behind it is that for every sale that is made through your link, you get a certain percentage of the sale. The % will change depending on each company & their policy, so make sure you know when you sign up what you are signing up for.

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amourdange says:

If you find yourself buying from a company often, find out if they have an affiliate program. It is the easiest way to promote a product because if you love the product, you probably have readers or friends that would enjoy buying it as well. 

Here are some affiliates:

Tiny Prints- They usually have really good promotions for free cards or discounted items that are really cute.  I don’t promote this one very often and should probably promote it more.

Amazonniche websites    Make Money Blogging: Sign up for Affiliate Programs- Such an easy affiliate program to apply for and use.  They make it really easy to share your affiliate links.  Plus they allow cookies which will make it so that if people click on your link but don’t buy the item you shared, you will get credit for any other purchases they make within a certain time period.

Pick Your Plum- If you haven’t heard of Pick Your Plum, you need to.  It is a daily deals site that sells really cute stuff!  This is the best affiliate program I have and the one I make the most money with.  You get a really good percentage of the sale, PLUS you can use your own link to purchase your own items from their site.  It is like getting a discount on an already awesome price.  You can register to be an affiliate on their site using this link.

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