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Drinking - Make Toasted Marshmallow Shot Glasses
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Make Toasted Marshmallow Shot Glasses


Stick a fork in a marshmallow (don’t pierce the bottom). Hold it 2-3 inches over a hot oven burner. Brown all sides, except the top where the fork is. Slide marshmallow off onto a plate & cool. The inside will implode naturally. Pour liqueur & shoot!

Trick Source: Image and Trick Credit: TheWateringMouth

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MrsRobinson says:

Things to Keep in Mind:
- Toast all sides of the marshmallow evenly so you don’t get thin spots. While browning the bottom, use a second fork to hold the marshmallow so it doesn't slide off.
- Have a fire extinguisher handy…seriously. This is dangerous. Don’t let your kids do the toasting part.
- Don’t burn the marshmallow too bad or the walls will get too thin.
- Putting marshmallows in freezer to cool faster doesn’t work.
- Only pour liqueur when ready to shoot, otherwise it will just soak through.
- Make sure to have a plate underneath or you’ll have a big mess.
- Don’t forget to eat the marshmallow after. YUM. Sticky, soppy, alcohol-y mess ftw!


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