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A Fist Full of Keys Makes a Powerful, Discreet Weapon for Self Defense

cut up hands could be a great alternative to what could happen to you, if your put in a situation where you actually need to use it

Use Paper Clips to Find the End of a Tape Roll

hahaha 100 hours for me.

Starbucks Secret Menu: Red Velvet Frappuccino

Looks like either the chocolate powder or cinnamon to me (both would probably taste pretty good)

Need to know if a woman is just big or pregnant?

Seems to work only in older elevators (from my experience)

Fix Scratches on Wooden Furniture or Floors

Try it out, worked awesome for me :) Looks like something happens with the oils in the walnut and the small pieces that break off of it when you rub it in which then just blends in with the color of your wood. 

How to Do the Ice Cube Mentos Prank

Tested it out, worked fine for me but it actually took a good hour for it to thaw enough to work

Trick to Remember How Many Days are in Each Month

haha up vote well deserved, don't insult the emperor!!!

McDonald's Big Mac Secret Sauce Recipe

Thousand island dressing is close but not quite the same flavor.. kinda like miracle whip vs mayo close but not the exact same taste.

How to Cut a Watermelon Without a Knife

Since the quarter has those grooves that you can actually push it through the shell if you apply some pressure with your thumb :)

Watch Out if your Realtor Suggests Listing your Home at a "Competitive Rate"

Very good point, I really think most people tend to over value what their property is worth because of an emotional attachment... so they are often worried that their Realtor is low balling them to earn a quick sale.

Broom as Long Distance Duster

Awesome idea, could even use a wet rag with some soap and water to give it a really good clean.