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Lemon, Ginger & Honey Flu Remedy

Note: Just check out some of the natural properties of the ingredients: Honey: antibacterial, antioxidant, antitumor, anti-inflammatory, and antiviral Ginger: antiviral, anti-inflammatory, aids digestion,  effective against human respiratory syncytial virus Lemon: antiseptic, aids digestion, great source of calcium, magnesium, vitamin C, bioflavonoid

Relieve Swelling and Pain from Weaning Off Breastfeeding

Note: It is not known if there is a property within the cabbage itself that helps decrease the pain and swelling, or if the swelling is reduced from using the leaves as cold compresses. Either way, studies show that cabbage leaves placed on the breasts can provide relief for breastfeeding women.

Duct Tape Helps with Warts

Using the duct tape method for 1-2 months, some experts report that over 80% of people will find that their warts are gone, with many seeing signs of improvement in just 2 weeks.

Use Cayenne Pepper to Stop Injuries from Bleeding

Note: It'll sting a bit of course, but it's actually a tried-and-true healer - so it's good to have some handy.  

Use Shaving Cream and Listerine to Soften Cracked Heels

WARNING: You can only use this method once a week or your feet will become very sore.

Apply Honey to Minor Cuts or Burns

For less stickiness than direct application, apply the honey to a gauze bandage. On a piece of sterile gauze, place a dollop of honey and put the bandage directly on the burn, honey-side down. Change the dressing three to four times a day  

DIY Natural Deodorant

Make sure juice is completely dry before you put on your clothes as it may stain clothing or alter the color of the dye when it is subsequently washed.