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Rules and Guidelines – Adding Tricks

The LifeTricks community is an open platform for users to add tricks related to their niche or passion. The goal is for these added tricks to create value for other site visitors while delivering that information in short and clear manner. To ensure the quality of the tricks added, we ask you to please read over our guidelines. Any Tricks posted that do not meet the criteria posted below will be deleted and authors account will be reviewed for a possible ban.


Trick Titles

Trick titles must in 1 setence or less give an outline of either, what the trick does or its purpose. We reccomend capatalizing the first letter of each word in your title.


Trick Explanation (Text Form)
In 250 characters or less, your trick must give readers a clear explanation of how to preform the trick without the need for them to see any visual representation of it. The trick explanation should make perfect sense without the need for any picture or Trick Image to be presented with it.


Trick Image (Optional)
The trick image should be able to deliver the exact same message as the trick explanation, without the need for the full text. The picture used should "fill in the blanks" and eliminate the need for majority of the text explanation. The Trick Image must contain at least some form of added text, even if its just a simple title.


Author Comments (Optional)
The Author Comments is for posting any additional details, personal experiences, self promotions, notes and recomendations. Use this field to your hearts content, just remember that it must be under 1000 characters in length. 


Life Tricks Are Not

A Metaphor or a Saying

Example 1: Self Development / Motivation /  Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're going to get!

Example 2: Self Development / Everything Happens for a Reason!


A Rule or Obvious (Common Sense) way of Doing Something

Example 1: Games / Card Games / Cribbage  If you have 4 cards that are connected to each other in a row like 2,3,4,5 you get 4 points, if one of them is a pair you can count the points twice.

Example 2: Repair and Renovations / Plumbing /  If your toilets clogged and starts to overflow use a plunger to unclog it.


Something Overly Vague

Example 1: Health / Nutrition /  Eat good, healthy high protein foods to look and feel better.
Example 2: Health / Fitness / Bodybuilding  Lift heavy weight to build more muscle.


An Opinion or Thought

Example 1: Sports / Hockey /  Hockey is one of the most difficult sports to learn.

Example 2: Pets / Dogs / Dog Training  Having a dog will brighten up your life, theres a reason why they are often called “Man's Best Friend!”




Life Tricks Are

Ways of Improving or Modifying Something

Example 1: Health / Nutrition / Making Eggnog Healthier by using vanilla protein powder, egg whites and skim milk, instead of whole eggs and milk.

Example 2: Sports / Golf / Put two golf balls on the ground, one right behind the other. Put your iron between them and swing. If your back ball goes flying off, then you're rushing your swing.


Ways of using or doing something optimally or strategically

Example 1: Sports / Squash / Always return to the middle of the Squash Court every time after you hit the ball. This will put you in the best position for any shot by your opponent.

Example 2: Food / Food Preparation / Pinch the bottom of a banana (opposite end of the stem) and then peel it from there.


Ways of making a task or chore faster or more enjoyable

Example 1: Food / Food Preparation / Use an Egg Slicer to slice up a kiwi fruit.

Example 2: Self Development / Time Optimization / Listen to an audiobook or podcast while you fold your Laundry.


Ways of Saving Time or Resources

Example 1: Organization / Home Organization / Closet Organization / Save a little bit of time by organizing the t-shirts in your closet or drawer by color, so you can quickly find the one you are looking for.

Example 2: Money / Saving Money / Save money on fast food by always storing health bars and other snacks in your car.


Ways of Simplifying a task or chore.

Example 1: Cleaning / Household Cleaning / Laundry / Do all of your laundry washing and laundry folding at once then you wont have to keep walking back and forth for each finished laundry load.

Example 2: Food / Cooking / Quick Meals / Use a blender to make your salsa or sauce, throw in full sized tomatoes, peeled garlic cloves, herbs, spices and whatever else you desire.


Ways of Teaching Something or Handling a Specific Situation

Example 1: Education and Learning / School / Math / Teach how to multiply large numbers by breaking up the equation to show the nearest 10th, 106 x 6 would turn into (100 x 6 = 600) + (6 x 6 = 36) = 636

Example 2: Automotive / Selling a Vehicle / If you are selling a car and someone is trying to get you to move down on the price, say to them “that's the price I am looking for , no hard feelings if its not worth it for you at that price”.


Ways to Do Something Neat or Cool

Example 1: Simple Magic Tricks / Tape the bottom of a toothpick to your thumbnail. Make a fist to conceal your thumbnail and show the toothpick. Waive your other hand over the toothpick, snap your fingers and open your fist to make the toothpick disappear behind your hand.

Example 2: Super Mario Brothers / As Long as you're moving in a downwards motion, you don’t need to land on the top of an enemy to kill it. If timed correctly, you can even land on the bottom of the enemy. Great for when the enemy seems to high up to jump on.


Ways to Get the Most out of Yourself

Example 1: Self Development / Waking Up Early / Keep a container full of strong ground coffee beans beside your alarm clock. Smell them to instantly wake up your brain.

Example 2: Social / Arguments / Learn when to fold, even when you know you're right. Ask yourself, even if I prove my point can I change this person's mind and if so, is it even worth it?


Ways to Fix or Solve a Problem

Example 1: Repair and Renovations / Plumbing / Drain the line, cut all of the damaged pipe out, as well as a few inches on both sides. Solder in the connectors and put in a new section of the pipe.

Example 2: Self Development / Beating Addictions / Smoking Often the habit of just having something in your mouth or in your hand can be hard to break. Try carrying around a cinnamon stick and replacing your cigarette with it.



Ways to Avoid or Prevent Something

Example 1: Food / Beverages / Avoid using ice in any drink that's room temperature or warmer, your ice will start to melt and water down your drink before its finished. Use a frosted mug instead.

Example 2: Shopping / Grocery Shopping Avoid buying food with fancy packaging, instead grab food items with generic packaging. Fancy packaged food is more expensive, when often the food is coming from the same factory and the only difference is more money is spent on the package.



Mentioning or Use of a Specific Websites, Products, Services or Brands

Although having a trick mentioning or based on using a specific website, product, service or brand is allowed, but It must be in the form of a trick. For example “Use Adobe Photoshop to Design Website Graphics” would not be a trick whereas “Use This Specific Tool on Adobe Photoshop to Remove Red Eyes in Photos” would be considered a trick. Understandably some of these products, goods or services may cost money, but please keep the value you are offering your audience into consideration as it will be the determining factor of how many upvotes and views your trick will receive.

Re-Posting and Copying Content

To prevent Re-Posting of tricks, we highly recommend that you try using our search function to see if your trick already exists, before adding it to the site. It can be a daunting task to search out and see if your trick has already been posted, so our moderators will be understanding, as long as your trick does not break one of the following rules:

A) Copying Content from another person or website without any permission/consent or credit given to them is not allowed .



If any of the described rules are broken, our moderators will review your case and you will risk having your user account / IP address banned from our website.

Adult Related Material

In order to keep the LifeTricks community safe for all ages, Adult related tricks will Not Be Allowed. Any categories or tricks added that relate to any adult topics, will be deleted and your account and IP address will be banned.



Spam is strictly prohibited and will result in having both your IP Address and User Account Banned.

Examples Of Spam

1) Flooding the site by adding low quality tricks in an effort to drive traffic to your website or Author page.

2) Posting large amounts of tricks into the wrong categories.