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Rules and Guidelines – Creating Categories

The LifeTricks community is built on the foundation of highly organized nested categories. Nested categories allow us to take a broad niche such as “Food” and give it its own categories within it (subcategories), you will often find that even those subcategories will often have their own subcategories (which may even have their own! Depending on how exact the topic of the category becomes).


Examples of Good Forms of Category Nesting.

Before you're ready to create categories we highly recommend taking a look around the site and viewing how other categories on the site are generally nested down.


Food (Root Category) > Cooking (Subcategory of Food) > Baking (Subcategory of Cooking)


Self Development (Root Category) > Confidence (Subcategory of Self Development)


Beauty (Root Category) > Makeup (Subcategory of Beauty) > Eye Makeup (Subcategory of Makeup)


Games (Root Category) > Video Game Consoles (Subcategory of Games) > SNES (Subcategory of Video Game Consoles) > Super Mario Brothers (Subcategory of SNES)


Technology (Root Category) > The Internet (Subcategory of Technology) > Websites (Subcategory of The Internet) > YouTube (Subcategory of Websites)


Avoid Nesting “Too Deep”

Avoid creating a new nested subcategory if you do not believe your new category could easily have over 25 high quality tricks that would exactly belong within it.


Always Check For Similar Categories

Before creating a new category, always check if there is already an existing category, that is similarly named category or one that very closely shares the topic of your new category. We highly recommend using our search bar to look if there are any similar categories.


Select “Select For Me” When Unsure

When you are unsure of the right category for your trick please select the “Select For Me” Option and a site moderator will select the appropriate category for your trick.



Missing Root Category for your Trick

If you believe here is no current root category for your trick, please use the “Select For Me” Option and a site moderator will create or find the appropriate root category for your trick.