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What is LifeTricks?

   What is LifeTricks? is a social media website that allows users to add Tricks for any topic or niche, described in 250 characters or less (which is ideal for those of us with short attention spans that love to get to the point). When a user adds a trick, the full text of the trick will be merged onto a colored background image, or a custom photo can be uploaded and used instead. These custom images help provide a clearer visual understanding of the trick, and make the newly added trick easier to share and spread. From tasks, to chores, to saving money, there are tricks to be found for absolutely everything. Whether your trick is the best way to peel an orange or your special strategy to winning a game of Monopoly, we want to hear it! LifeTricks is your platform to share these helpful tricks with the world.


At LifeTricks, there are thousands of different categories which display only the tricks that belong to them, while the front page is used as a place to display the most popular tricks from all the categories. To ensure the most valuable useful tricks are always placed at the very top of the front page or corresponding subsection page, LifeTricks uses a social voting system. This system allows users to up-vote or down-vote a trick, which helps beginners to a subject find the very best tricks for doing something (even when they don't know anything about it), yet it also helps experts look for creative ways of improving something they already know well.

LifeTricks is the ideal Social Platform for promoting yourself, your product, your brand or your website. When posting useful tricks for your target audience to view, LifeTricks provides every trick author with an Author Page containing all the tricks they have submitted, which they can promote to gain more up-votes, for higher exposure in their targeted category or niche. For even more exposure, when viewing any posted trick on the site, the author's profile (which will contain their optional website url and bio) will be included. Also when posting a trick the authors can use the Author Comments feature on all of their tricks, which are messages up to 1000 characters in length for viewers to read. The better the tricks you post, the more up-votes the tricks will get and the more exposure they will receive, which in turn leads to more social shares of your tricks on networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.